About Jensen Data Systems

Jensen Data Systems is a registered proprietary company having first traded in October 1980. Since then, the company has established itself as the leading distributor of Idealpos products throughout Australia.

What we offer

Our core value and belief is centred around ensuring our clients are well looked after and supported. Our sales executives are hands on people. They get to know what your business is about. They involve themselves in the installation and will remain onsite to make sure everything is going according to plan; something not  too many companies can boast about.

Our team

Many years of experience has taught us that each and every client has completely individual and unique needs, which is why your POS system database is written completely from scratch and not based on a template. We have a dedicated team of support specialists who are only a phone call away to help with all aspects of your POS operations. Jensen Data Systems have teamed with an external provider to allow us to have remote access to our sites for support. For more complex problems, site visits can be arranged. It’s for these reasons we are more than happy for you to contact any our clients for a reference to confirm our good standing.