Canley Heights RSL & Sporting Club

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Canley Heights RSL & Sporting Club is a medium sized club in South Western Sydney. We have 8500 financial members and service them with four bar areas and two food areas. We currently employ 55 food and beverage staff. Jensen Data Systems became our POS Provider in July 2008 after a long tender process. We had four companies tender for our club, and it was an easy decision in the end to decide that they had the product and after sales support that would be most beneficial to our club’s requirements now and for many years to come.

We have installed 10 POS Terminals, complete with Customer LCD displays, scanners, clerk wristband readers, PDE’s for stocktaking and two back office software licences.

Idealpos is an easy to use software program, both in the front and back of house operation. We have seen a definitive increase in our service times and performance, and have been able to use the program to market to our members through the LCD screens, email and SMS marketing. The stock control, sales reporting, and promotional features are simple to use, whilst providing an in depth analysis of our business. The cross promotion features allow us to move people from one area of the club to another by using associated promotions and products (entice them with a discount coupon for use the in the bistro when they purchase a product at the bar for example).

Over the last three years, we have received continual software updates which have provided us with an array of additional features, some of which we personally requested. These include, but are in no way restricted to:

  • The Live Back Office Dashboard
  • Customer Reward Promotions – buy 10 coffees get one free
  • Scheduled Promotional Ticket Printing
  • Interface to Independent Gaming’s TITO System
  • Coupon Promotions
  • Member Photo Displayed on POS Screen
  • New Stock Item Sales Report Customised Formats

In Summary, it would be the ongoing support of the Jensen Data Systems team that has been the highlight. I can go about my day to day operations in the full knowledge that any support is only a phone call or email away. More recently, their level of remote support has been increased by their introduction of their remote access software. They really understand that our POS system is a very integral and essential part of our business, and as such are very timely in their support. Before I get through to a support person, they generally already have a remote connection established ready to show me through what I am currently working on.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Jensen Data Systems and their POS system to any other venue which is looking for a POS solution from a company who will take complete ownership with outstanding support and innovative development.

Kind Regards,

Mark Gavinel

Food & Beverage Manager

Canley Heights RSL & Sporting Club