Idealpos and QR Codes

Posted by Jensen Data Systems

What are QR Codes?

QR Codes are a 2D or matrix style barcode that has the ability to store a lot of data.

What do they look like?

You would have noticed them in newspapers, magazines, posters and other places already. They are generally square with combinations of dots within the square.

How do you use them?

First used in the automotive industry, they have gained popularity due to the ability for smartphones to scan the code and be taken to a URL, send a text or email, or even save contact details. Not only that, it is possible to create your own.

QR Codes & Idealpos

QR Codes can be used within Idealpos as part of your branding to get more queries and results from advertisements you place in the view of the public. Anyone with a smartphone now has the ability to essentially have a barcode scanner in their pocket.

Within Idealpos you can use your QR Code for multiple advertising opportunities. Have it print on the bottom of the receipt, display on the Customer Display and use it on all your advertising. As smartphones are still relatively new technology, and many people are still experimenting with QR Codes and their use, now is the time to seize the opportunity for your advantage. You have nothing to lose in any case so scan the code below to see where it leads.

Additional Information

QR Codes can be read with a smartphone and therefore you can find many different apps that do the job. Search for QR Codes in iTunes or Google Play for more information. Our staff recommend QRReader for iPhones and Barcode Scanner for Android.

Want to create your own QR Codes?

Simple and easy to use - Here