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I am pleased and honored to recommend Jensens Data Systems to your company. Over the past 20 years Western Suburbs League Club has experienced a continuous and ever-growing working relationship with Jensens Data Systems. Garth Jensen needs to be congratulated on creating and building such a solid Company that can be relied on at all times to price competitively, give additional assistance during tendering, completing the project installations in a prompt, efficient  manner that offers little or no complication and provide unparalleled ongoing service and support that reflects the professionalism of this company.

Wests and Jensens bond began to cement itself with the implementation of our original (Point of Sale) Jensen program. This was configured and linked via Ebet (our Membership and Gaming System at the time) both systems operated hand in hand and together finally produced stability for the day to day operation of our floor that we had previously struggled to maintain.

March 2007 saw Wests introducing a Loyalty Program for its members. At this point in time, one other Club had a loyalty program and it did not function anywhere near the extent that we envisioned the Wests Loyalty Program to operate. The ability to offer detailed discounts to numerous specific tiers did not exist in any POS Program (at least none that I sourced in NSW). Within weeks, the Jensen team had working solutions to enable their POS program to not only meet and produce our requirements, but also implement it and have it fully functioning. Since this time, and over the past 4 years we have a more matured Loyalty Program and one that would be perceived as “Advanced Tiering”. Allow me to offer one of several examples. I know of other Clubs whose experience has not been as effortless as ours: -We have 2 sites connected to the same Loyalty program. Both sites are needed to issue different discounts for the same tier in an effort to encourage members to use a particular area or site of the Club.  In this, and many other circumstances, Jensens always come to our aid and make certain we are able to put into action any ideas or strategies that we feel would benefit our members, our staff, and our venue and more importantly our bottom line.

This leads me to another notable point as eluded to previously. Often Wests request quick changes and modification to the POS system program (at times these do not necessarily benefit other POS clients, and are solely for our organisational benefit). Jensen have yet, failed to meet our requests, if the original request was not met, a reviewed recommendation and ultimate solution was actioned by one of the Jensen team. The loyalty and dedication in putting the needs of Jensen’s clients before the needs of their own and persistently striving for the best, effective  way, method or enhancement ensures both companies continue to surge forward in their respective industries.

In September 2008, in line with a 15 million dollar extension to our Venue, it became evident we would need to upgrade our POS equipment to be able to achieve our aspirations. This was a reasonably large project that included all equipment at all Wests’ sites. Jensens had predetermined the plan of events and estimated a time line for each section of the installation. The standard of approach, assistance and skill level required for the conversion was faultless. This forward planning by Jensens allowed for a fluent transition with minimal disruption and only a couple of minor issues which were resolved within hours.

Within days of the newer POS terminals being installed it was obvious we had enhanced our business further. The POS system is user friendly and our staff were easily trained and operating the touch screen confidently. From a back of house/administrative point of view reporting, menu options, payment options, promotional capabilities etc are excellent.

By far the biggest scale migration project took place within the last 12 months. Wests were no longer confident that Ebet were maintaining their product for continued growth in the future and so looked at change to the IGT Club Advantage Gaming System- not only a new system to Wests but also a new system to the Australian market.  With a large introduction such as this, there were expected integration problems. Several members of the Jensens’ team readily made themselves available to both the IGT project manager as well as the IGT development team pre IGT installation. Jensens had an integral part in ensuring that a lot of obstacles were averted prior to the IGT Go Live Day.  Our Jensen representative was onsite for Go Live of the IGT Club Advantage Gaming system, I would like to make mention this was not a request from our company. This presence was another typical proactive initiative we are now accustomed to from Jensen.

Unlike other POS companies I have dealt with over past years instead of issues being phoned through to a help desk or a support team, Jensens provide us with a direct representative. This person is our Club’s “Go to man” -he has detailed knowledge on the venue specifics and set up because he is involved with every step of the process from installation to training to queries to support to upgrades.

Consequently, Wests and I have no hesitation in recommending the Jensen Data System and the team behind the name. Their complete professionalism, attention to detail and dedication to tasks at hand leaves one with a feeling of absolute confidence that cannot be ignored.


Kim Doherty

Member Rewards Manager