Gaming Machine Interface


Idealpos Solutions supports multiple gaming interfaces with various companies that allow for member details and points to be accrued and redeemed through the Point of Sale software. The member can then be rewarded for their loyalty to the business from food, beverage and gaming.

Idealpos support integration to Poker Machine Gaming Servers via two methods:

Direct Interface

There are currently four different interfaces that are supported which are Flexi-NET, Max Gaming, Maxetag and Titan. Each company is different and requires specific settings to work, some of which will need to be provided by the interface that is being configured.

StarrSrvr Interface

Idealpos also interface to a 3rd party software program called StarrSrvr. StarrSrvr provides an interface from Idealpos to the following Poker Machine Interfaces:  TurboBonus, Jupiters, Dacom, Sentinel, ComputaGame, Pulse, eBet, Bounty, SystemXpress and Jupiters2Dp.