Portable Data Entry

Portable Data Entry, or PDE, is a small hand-held device that allows for data to be entered into it, which can then be transferred to a configured terminal that will process the data into a relevant software program.

Within Idealpos a PDE has the ability to perform Stocktake, Stock Transfer and Stock Receive procedures. A PDE has the ability to enter the details of stock items by using a scanner or keypad input. PDE’s do not work with Idealpos until the Idealpos PDE program has been installed on the device.


Idealpos supports connection with the following Denso Models:

  • Denso BHT-6000 – BHT Protocol and BHT IrProtocol
  • Denso BHT-8000 – BHT Protocol and BHT IrProtocol

Idealpos will also support other devices that are able to output their data as a text file.