Bar Tabs

Bar Tabs uses a specific function within Idealpos. Bar Tabs allows you to save sales against a special Customer Account that has been previously set up. Bar Tabs can be accessed by using the Bar Tab Code, Magnetic Swipe, Search Customer List or Scan Code.

Bar Tabs can be used when customers want to keep all their sales accumulating and pay for them at the end of the night before they leave in one transaction. It’s a great way to enable fast payment with function groups and to increase bar sales.


Some features of Bar Tabs include:

  • Print Bar Tab Reports & Bills from the POS Screen
  • Print Bar Tab Summary
  • Transfer Bar Tabs to a Table or Customer Account
  • Transfer Tables to a Bar Tab
  • POS Server will centralize Bar Tabs
  • Outstanding Bar Tabs will display on Financial Report
  • All Bar and Kitchen printing features will work